Margin Chair 

Designed for Milan Design Week 2018 by NOI. is a play of shapes, proportions and materials. Margin Chair fulfills our design philosophy on eternity and brilliance. 

We believe that basic stripes are the most fundamental elements of interior architecture. When simplicity meets elegance, the result is a chair that embraces minimalism without compromising on comfort and exclusive look. 

Continuous sleeks formed the carcass of the chair considering its simplicity. A brushed brass material completes that simple look with its elegance. Different geometry and colors of the cushions creates a sophisticated combination and a timeless product. 


o Designed by NOI. 

o 100% plush polyester 

o Stainless steel base with brushed brass finish 

o Keep out of direct sunlight to prevent fading 

o Blot with a clean, absorbent cloth; do not leave spills unattended

Margin Lamp & Coffee Table 

As a complementary element to a Margin Chair, Margin Lamp & Coffee Table is also prominent with its brilliance in minimalism. Scaled to refined proportions, fluid steel form gives rise to a modern look to a sleek brass. Inspired by early globe stands and nautical instruments from the 19th century, the lamp references the age of exploration.Globe and capsule canopies on the top create a combination of vintage and minimal look. Two continuous sleeks are accompanied by a coffee table with a white marble top which creates a contrast with two canopies and complete the style by its modernity. 

Design by NOI. is a play of proportions, materials and shapes. Beside the aesthetic, the function and adaptability give it an exclusive minimal look. 


o Designed by NOI. 

o Steel base with brushed brass finish 

o Steel stem with brushed brass finish 

o Glass shades 

o Dust with soft, dry cloth

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